The novelty: Tempora Big Eye

The STOWA Tempora Big Eye. A tribute to times gone by, a living tradition today and a stylish investment in the future: it embodies the title "The art of watchmaking - Made in Germany" across all time forms. With this model, you are spoiled for choice not only in the dial color, but also in the design of the case.

STOWA moves back to Pforzheim

"Back to the roots" - this is the motto for our move. Back to Pforzheim: where STOWA spent the longest period of the company's 95-year history.


This year there will be a limited number of voucher codes for the Christmas sale item of the day. Have fun discovering what is hidden behind the doors every day.

The manufactory - A look behind the scenes

Our workshop is staffed by highly trained and dedicated watchmakers who demonstrate all their skills, often learned over decades, on every single watch. STOWA's watchmakers thus form the backbone of the company's in-house watch production and world-renowned service.

Service on your watch

We naturally also take care of your watch professionally after the sale. The STOWA watchmakers go to work with the same passion as with a new watch. See and read here about the work that is performed on your watch during a service. You can also fill out a service form here and see our service prices.

23.10.2023 - Massimo C., Masera
- 23.10.2023 -
»Perfect . Very efficent and fast«
Massimo C., Masera

You are welcome to visit us in our factory in Pforzheim after making an appointment. Here we will be happy to show you all our current models. You are also welcome to take a short trip through time in our STOWA museum. Please contact us by phone, online in our appointment booking tool or by e-mail to arrange a personal consultation:
Online Buchungstool
0049-7231 20 444 00
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We of course offer a repair service for all STOWA models built after 1996.

Unfortunately, we cannot refurbish or repair "historical" models (all watches built before 1996),

as we no longer have any spare parts for these watches.

Delivery times may vary due to the high level of vertical integration of our watches and the fact that they are always manufactured from receipt of the order. Information on delivery times is therefore always noted directly with the respective product in our online store.

As soon as your STOWA watch leaves our premises, you will receive a shipping notification by e-mail.

Our recommendation is every 4-5 years. The complete movement is cleaned, all seals are changed and all bearings in the movement are re-oiled.

Employees about STOWA

» I have been working in the area of customizations at STOWA for 2 years. I especially like the fact that I can independently take care of my tasks and work area and that I can contribute creatively. «
- Adrian Herz | Head of Individualization & Quality Control -

My personal favorite is:

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