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Vote and Win !

Only today (Sunday, September 4th) and Monday (September 5th)

You can win many nice prices. For example a Oris diverswatch or  a visit to the Munichtime watch exhibition. Worth more than EUR 2.000.-!


Here is the description how you can vote.


Please go to the contest webside and start to vote in the categorie up to EUR 1.000.-.

Please be advised that you have to vote each categorie one watch - if not you are not able to join the raffle.

(please see attached picture)



Please vote in the categorie up to EUR 2.500.-.

Please be advised that our STOWA Prodiver Blue Limited watch is on Position 12 on the right side.

(please see attached picture and the blue point under the STOWA watch)





Please vote in the categorie up to EUR 5.000.-.

Please vote your favorite and go ahead.

(please see attached picture)





Please vote in the categorie over EUR 5.001.-.

Please vote your favorite and go ahead.

(please see attached picture)





Please vote in the Quarz (electronic) category.

Please vote your favorite and go ahead to fill in your adress !

(please see attached picture)





After you have fill in your adress you only need to do the last click to finish the contest and join the raffle.


 How to join STOWA Raffle and how to win a Prodiver Blue LImited:


After joining the contest on  please just mail us under and write: "I have voted and joined the diverswatch contest"


Thats all.


On Wednesday September 7th. we raffle a STOWA Prodiver Blue Limited and we will announce the winner here on this side!


To see more details of the Prodiver Blue Limited click here: Details of Prodiver Blue Limited