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Jörg Schauer and Marc Basseng. Sponsorship out of passion.

Marc Basseng and Jörg Schauer know each other for many years. A closer contact occured during a driving training on the Nordschleife/Nürburgring, and that ultimately resulted in a personal sponsorship of Jörg Schauer for Marc.
For Schauer, there are several things that characterize the racing driver Marc Basseng, and particularly in focus are: precision, passion in implementation, while still emitting calmness and a high level of quality. Moreover, the absolute will to deliver a good performance anytime. Everything always fair, yet highly emotionally charged. Marc is also distinguished by his great team spirit. He proves that in many races where he shares the cockpit with one, two or even three (24 H Race) racing colleagues. Winning the FIA GT1 World Championship as team manager AND driver was certainly the highlight in his career so far. Surviving this double burden with permanently good achievements during the race, was a top performance. In the combination of these specific characteristics of Basseng, Jörg Schauer sees great similarities to his watches. Therefore, he finds Marc suitable as a brand ambassador for his flamboyant, characterful watches. Some watches that have emerged in recent years, documented this individuality (Edition 15 Sport, 24 H GMT Countdown etc.).
Both want to intensify the cooperation with the new watch that Jörg Schauer is presenting this year. At the moment, a unique piece is created - the Schauer Analog Reminder GT Sport. This watch will be the model of a watch series that serves very individual and characterful watch collectors. Watch lovers who would like to own an individualized, handmade watch. Impressive in size (46 mm), made of robust materials that are also used in motorsport (titanium/stainless steel) and a new innovative (reminder) function. For characterful winners!

GT Racing. Authentic.

In today’s GT race very powerful but still relatively close to series production cars meet. Almost every car manufacturer is now represented there. Exciting races with a great atmosphere are guaranteed. The highlights of each season are the 24-hour races: 24 H Daytona, 24 H Le Mans, 24 H SPA or the 24 H Race on the most difficult track in the world, the legendary Nordschleife at the Nürburgring. Marc Basseng won this race in 2012, in an Audi R8 LMS.


The actual watch for the season 2016.

Analog Reminder GT Sport. Unique piece for Marc Basseng.

On the basis of the new watch from Jörg Schauer, a unique piece was built timely to the beginning of the season 2016.

Four important events for every driver are realized:

1 - Free Practice - FPI

2 - Qualifying - QUALI

3 - Warmup

4 - Race

In addition to it, the upper part of the rubber strap was individualized with the tread of a "rainracetire".


The second part bears the names of the most important 24h races: Daytona, Le mans etc.



A watch for the win of the legendary 24 H race on the Nordschleife/Nürburgring. Unique piece: 24 H Countdown watch with a picture of the car in the night.


Smalltalk before the race. Marc normally is the startdriver. A lot of experience is needed.


Winner car No 3 during the race, the yellow-blue Audi R8 LMS, 2012.


Lamborghini Murciélago R-SV, 2011, Fia GT 1 world championship.


Unique piece for Marc Basseng, Chronograph Kulisse Edition 15, 2011.


Another unique piece for Marc, No 38, world champion watch, 2012.