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Story of the STOWA Sportswatches.

Since 1963 we have built this model in many different versions.

History & Inspiration. 

Since 1963, STOWA successfully produces professional sports and diving watches. The resulting watches have been various over the last decades. Especially during the 1970s, STOWA designers have been very active. Exceptional watches with crazy colors were created. Since Jörg Schauer’s takeover of the brand, the company’s aim is to continue tradition with care but also to modernize the watch models – resulting in new sports watch Seatime (waterproof up to 300 meters) and diving watch Prodiver (1000 meters waterproofness). Former design features have been edited and adapted carefully without destroying the DNA of the watches.


Some former watches.

Collectors watch from the STOWA Museum. Around 1970. Colorful coated dial.


Another collectors item. Built in the last 60th. This blue dial was one of the inspirations for the new Prodiver Blue Limited.



Actual model.

Prodiver black with lime color second and minutehand.



Reissue. Wanted by Watch Fans.

Preserving Tradition - Yet Thinking Ahead.

2004. Seatime limited.

Together with a German internet board community, a new Seatime dial is created and produced as a limited edition. Most striking features of this modern era sports watch are the luminescent index lines and various watch dial colors combined with it.

2005. Seatime Serie.

After the first limited series with index dial, Jörg Schauer presents the serial watch which is produced almost unchanged until today. The watch features a dial with luminescent numerals and date display. Since then, limited colors (for example blue and pink) and patterns (carbon) for the dial have been realized.


2006. Prodiver.

The wish for Seatime to become even more excellent and to incorporate all features of a real diving watch in it, resulted in the development of Prodiver. A helium valve and waterproofness of 1000 meters guarantee best functionality. This is why the watch is very appreciated by sportsmen and collectors.

2014. Black Forest Limited.

Inspired by the collaboration with Hartmut Esslinger regarding the Rana watch, Jörg Schauer creates a feature called Dynadots bezel. For the first time, the markings on the bezel appear subtly visible. Ascending luminescent dots clearly show the course of time.


2016. Prodiver Blue Limited.

Inspired by STOWAs traditional blue dials we have using many times before. And after launching two other blue dial models, the Flieger Blue Limited (sold out!) and the Marine Original Blue Limited (sold out!) we decided to do again a colorful sportwatch. The dial fits perfect the look of the watch and in combination with the hands it looks a bit more elegant. But of course all prodiver features are keept.



Actual model.

Prodiver lime.


Awarded. The Prodiver. Winner of the Year 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018!


2013. Orange.

In 2013, orange colored Prodiver won hearts of watch collectors worldwide. The watch appears daring and brisk, and gets rewarded for it. Currently, Prodiver is not only available in orange but also lime-colored, which represents Jörg Schauer’s favorite tint and the watch he wears during every sports activity.

2014. Limette.

Lime for watch hands appears to be a beautiful and striking spot of color. Again,’s voters like it and, in the category of under EUR 2,500.-, Prodiver Lime earns the majority of votes. For that matter, the lime green hands are also available with rhodium and carbon watch dials.


2015. Seatime Black Forest Limited.

Inspired by the collaboration with Hartmut Esslinger regarding the Ranawatch, Jörg Schauer creates a feature called Dynadots bezel. For the first time, the markings on the bezel appear subtly visible. Ascending luminescent dots clearly show the course of time. We launched a limited Edition of 200 pieces with this special bezel, lime hands and titanium case. The collectors respect this innovative idea of the dynadots bezel.


2016. Prodiver Blue Limited.

Limited to 200 watches. Prodiver Blue Limited. The dial is colered with our wonderful STOWA blue. It was a surprise that the watch - before we delivered the first watches - gets a public prize. Many thanks for this.


2017. Prodiver Olymp Bronze.

Prodiver Olymp Bronze.


2018. Prodiver White.

New in 2018. Prodiver White.