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Service Informations and pricelist Outside European Community

Alle prices are net prices without V.A.T. Price list valid from March 2017. If you are living outside the European Community you will get our prices without V.A.T. Taxes and duties will be paid by recipient on delivery. Taxes and other fees variate in each country and will be charged directly by FedEx.

We have additional informations for some countries, please have a look at the following list if you can find your country. If yes please click at your country to get more details. (at the moment we fill this websie with content, maybe not all countries are complete!)

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What is a revision, why is it necessary, and how often should it be carried out on your watch?

A watch revision, also called service, belongs to the mechanical watch like the TÜV to the car. Both ensure the operation of the device for long periods of time. A revision of the watch is not required every two years, as the TÜV is for the car, but is recommended at intervals of 4 to 6 years. However,we recommend that you only give the watch to the service if you have recognizable defects or bad accuracy. Ultimately, each service costs money and if the watch - even with higher age - still runs properly, this is not necessary according to tenacious schedule. Decide this for yourself. The work performed on the watch does not significantly differ if we do a service after 4 or 7 years. After a service / repair work as part of our service packages, you will receive your watch in perfect condition and can enjoy it again for many years (including new 1 year warranty). We have created service packages TECHNIC and service packages OPTIC. Normally, the service package TECHNIC is always necessary, it guarantees the exact accuracy of your movement and the water-tightness of your case (depending on the complexity of the model the effort is different, as explained in each service package). The service package OPTIC is not absolutely necessary, it is a purely optical revision of your watch case up to the new condition (which is achieved by the grinding, polishing or also the complete replacement of housing parts and glasses).

Here we list the individual service packages. They cover most of the standard models. If you have a special series or a unique one, the prices can vary again. In any case, you will receive an individual offer from us after receipt of your watch.


Your STOWA service team


Standard revision * mechanical watches

Higher expenditure than indicated in the standard revision may result in additional costs. However, these additional costs can only be determined after a review has been made in our factory. You will receive a quotation from us after receipt of your watch, which you can then release. Otherwise - with normal wear of your watch, you can expect the following costs:


3 hand watches  (service package Technic 1)

EUR 147 net price


These are the models: 

Antea KS, Antea 365, Antea 390 und Antea KS41

Flieger Klassik 40, Flieger Klassik Sport, Ikarus, Flieger Testaf TO1, Flieger DIN, Flieger T02 Sport, TO 2

Marine Klassik 40, Marine Original

Partitio, Seatime, Prodiver and all 3 hand Schauer watches


Chronographs and Flieger GMT  (service package Technic 2)

EUR 218 up to 243 net price


These are the models: 

Flieger Chronograph, Marine Chronograph, Chrono 1938 blackand bronze, Flieger GMT

all EUR 218 net price


Schauer models: (service package Technic 3)

Ed.1 to Ed.8 and Ed.10 to Ed.15

all EUR 218 net price

Schauer Chronograph Edition 9 EUR 243 net price


*These are the workings we do on the STOWA and Schauer Standard revision

 - complete revision of the movement (disassembling, cleaning, lubricating, assemble and adjusting the movement.

Exchange of all technically necessary parts)

- changing all seals (glass and case seals, crown replacement if technically necessary)

- cleaning the case in the ultrasonic bath

- cleaning of the metal strap in the ultrasonic bath and, if necessary, small repairs (except the buckle, should it be replaced, we will make you an offer)


Refurbishing of watch case

If you want a reworking of the case, we distinguish between two different variants. On the one hand, we can work up your case during the revision, so your watch is already open. This is the recommended and more cost-effective variant. When reprocessing, case  parts are newly ground, polished or exchanged against  new parts. New sapphire glasses are included in the price. The prices for the reworking of cases can be different, therefore please pay attention to the prices listed below. If we made a case rework without a factory revision on your watch we charge between 66.-  - 100,- EUR extra.

 After a case reworking it is our claim that your watch looks like new!


3 hand watches. (service package Optic 1)

Refurbishing of watch case service package Optic 1. 

Euro 160 net price



Antea KS, Antea 365, Antea 390 und Antea KS41

Flieger Klassik 40, Flieger Klassik Sport, Ikarus, 

Marine Klassik 40, Marine Original 


3 hand watches(service package Optic 2)

Refurbishing of watch case service package Optic 2. 

EUR 210 net price



Seatime, Prodiver, TO 2 , 


3 hand watches(service package Optic 3)

Refurbishing of watch case service package Optic 3. 

EUR 243 net price



Flieger Testaf TO1, Flieger DIN, Flieger T02 Sport, Flieger GMT



STOWA Chronographs (service package Optic 4)

Refurbishing of watch case service package Optic 4. 

EUR 269 net price



Flieger Chronograph, Marine Chronograph, Chrono 1938



Schauer Chronographs  (service package Optic 5)

Refurbishing of watch case service package Optic 5.  

EUR 320 to EUR 571 net price



Kulisse Chronographs Ed.1 - Ed.15

EUR 320 net price



EUR 571 net price


For all other models, please ask us and we will make a special offer.

(elder STOWA and Schauer watches or cases in solid gold)


Dial and hand exchange

The replacement of defective dials and hands costs between 18 to 160 EUR net price and will be included in the cost estimate if technically necessary.


Example of revision Flieger watch 

Your watch is e.g. an automatic Flieger watch in the 40 mm case, 7 years old. You want a complete revision of the watch like NEW. This is not only a technical revision (cleaning the movement) but also the optically perfect refreshing of the case.


You must pay the following costs:

1. Standard revision for a 3 hand watch: Euro 147 net price

2. Special request for case refreshing like NEW:(case refresh category 1) + Euro 160 net price

The total cost thus amounts to Euro 307 net price


Many customers ask us what we recommend. But this is always a purely subjective decision. There are customers who would like to appreciate the aging of their watch and the memory of one or the other dent. And there are customers who always strive for the best possible condition of their watch.

Another frequently asked question is how often a watch should be revised. We do not really recommend choosing a regular rhythm (e.g. every 4-6 years), but pragmatically advise you to send the watch to revision, if the accuracy of the watch (watch loses time or has not enough power reserve) is worsening and this disturbs you. 

Many watches are returned after 7, 8, 9 or 10 years, because the owners wear several mechanical watches alternately and a possible worsening of the accuracy values not so much.

Decide for yourself when the right time has come for you.


Your STOWA team from the Black Forest.