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Schauer Uhren
Characterful. Handmade.

"We owe all progress to those who do not adapt."* 

Since 1990, Jörg Schauer designs and produces his distinctive watches. Thereby, Schauer prefers stainless steel for the watch cases, high quality mechanical movements and a clean and unique design language.
His signature feature has become the 12-fold screwed bezel. Essential part is the technical screwing of all hand-finished Schauer watch cases. Among other things, this enables to restore mint condition even after years. Due to its perfect surfaces, precision and a design reduced to its essentials, Schauer watches are real collectibles for 25 years now. Many editions are sold out for years. As a result of the strong growth of brand STOWA during the past few years (Schauer bought the brand in 1996), he only was able to produce few of his distinctive watches. His personal expectations regarding best quality and perfect surfaces, which require absolutely focused working, were not compatible with the demands related to STOWA’s growth. He lacked time and tranquilness.
However, Jörg Schauer now wants to invest more time again in the production of his special watches. Thus, he dedicates himself to his brand STOWA. This is why his watches are offered in small numbers exclusively and from now on under the slogan Schauer for STOWA.

* (Martin Kessel. German writer, 1901-1990)


25 Years of Passionate Watch Production.

In 1990, at the age of 22, Jörg Schauer decided to become self-employed. As professional goldsmith and specialist for handmade watch cases, he quickly gained a good reputation among collectors worldwide. More than 400 watch cases and unique pieces of highest quality were built in the first years, before he provided all his experience in his own collection. Since then, many special watches, often limited and/or with special displays, were built – for example the mechanical editions Digital 1 to Digital 3 and the chronograph QUARADA with chrono movement Valjoux 7753. Back then, in the year 2000, a true exception: uncompromising, square and waterproof. Schauer still builds this model. By now, the watch is a real Schauer-classic.
Just in time for his 25th business anniversary, Jörg Schauer wants to produce some of his watch editions more regularly again. Models like the typical chronograph Kulisse Edition 10 or also the Kleine Schauer shall become available again in a limited number for collectors worldwide. More- over, there will be a special edition on occasion of the 25th anniversary at the end of the year. Schauer’s personal expectation regarding this watch is very high. True to his motto: „Primarily, I produce every watch for myself, as I certainly prefer to have something new, innovative and exceptional from time to time.“
He is only interested in actually realized concepts. The mere idea seems useless to him if it does not become reality. Jörg Schauer accepts and respects the fact that this often can be exhausting and not every single watch model of the last 25 years became a classic. For him, this is part of his philosophy he lives daily: to keep on designing, building, testing, even to fail with an idea sometimes but by this to undergo a steady creative process of thinking and learning. With his anniversary watch as part of his 25th company anniversary, he once more created and developed an exceptional watch and presents it in Basel 2016 on the biggest fair for watches and jewellery. The name of the watch: Analog Reminder.



Jörg Schauer loves surfaces. Only after a stainless steel case got its typical Schauer-finishing, he is satisfied. Collectors appreciate this visible and noticeable quality. For a perfect matting, whether grounded or sanded, a lot of work is needed. However, the reward is a for the used metal typical, perfect look.

Unique Watches.

In the first years of his self-employment, Jörg Schauer built over 400 unique watches before he created his own watch with the characteristic 12-fold screwed bezel. Among these, there were very collectable movements like a minute repetition from Patek Philippe in a 750/000 rosegold case with guilloched 925/000 silver dial.

Limited Editions.

To ensure absolute exclusiveness, many Schauer watches are limited editions. There have been series limited to 10 or 50 items, but even a Schauer serial watch that hasn’t been produced 500 items of could be seen as very exclusive, considering the large amount of watches of each series produced by big watch brands. Illustration: Digital 1 watch of 1998.


Schauer was especially pleased when he made 3rd place with his Digital 2 watch in Japan in the year 2004. An independent expert panel chose an, at that time, unknown nobody. Further awards: 1st place Goldene Unruh for Kleine Schauer in 2000 and 1st place Goldene Unruh for Edition 9 in 2002, 3rd place Goldene Unruh for Edition 10 Silver in 2011.

Handwinding chronograph.

Schauer and STOWA offer modification of automatic chronograph movement Valjoux 7753 to manual wind. For this, STOWA produces a so-called chronograph bridge in-house which can be engraved individually, according to customer´s demands. This will contribute to the uniqueness of the movement which will emphasize the individuality of its wearer.


The opportunities that arise from the individualization of a hand-wound bridge are diverse. Many personal engravings are possible: Whether it’s initials or data, we implement your idea perfectly. In theory, differently colored bridges are possible: yellow gold, rose gold or galvanized dark gray. Challenge us with your own personal wish.

Analog Reminder. A special watch.

The inspiration for the anniversary model Analog Reminder is already 17 years old. In 1999, Jörg Schauer had the idea for Memotimer, a watch on which one could view different, customer-specific displays. The former concept watch that was based on the chronograph movement Valjoux 7751 was never realized, because the request was too complex at that time.

In the course of the expansion of electronic watches, the so-called smart watches, Schauer reinterpreted its original idea and developed a conceptually revised version: a centrally mounted, rotatable and lockable disk enables setting important events. The contrasting digital display shows the event for which you can set a target time on the rotatable bezel. If the hour hand, which is the same color, is at the height of the outer triangle mark, you are visually reminded of the important event. By highlighting the event pane with luminous material, readability is also guaranteed at night. Everything, of course, mechanical analog ;). The events were selected based on the individual needs of Jörg Schauer.

In addition to some important things like Meet (for meeting), Call (for calls), Doc (for doctor,) leisure activities are also highlighted: Sport and Home. The sixth position was reserved for an exclamation mark, in order to give an appropriate place to all the other important things. The watch is made in a limited edition of 100 pieces with green color coding. Green is the favorite color of Jörg Schauer and has once again been used as a colored accent point.

There will be also a series watch, which is offered with a more subtle color coding. (white hands) The case measures 46 mm.


"Once again, I wanted to build an unusual and characterful watch for myself."

Jörg Schauer



Nighttime function.

The hands, index and also the reminder graphics of the Analog Reminder are luminscent. As we use the white Superluminova BGW 9 (the best available in the market), we get a blue luminescent display. The double index on the 12 o’clock position and the opposite reminder display facilitate the reading of time at night.


As the reminder disc is individually lasered and in our region some top specialists are located, it is also possible to build complete individualized unique watches. Gladly we will give you an individualized offer. Think about which events are for you personally important, and we will realize it precisely and perfect in an unique watch for you.


The openings of the new designed hands were important for the model Analog Reminder. They ensure the reading of the single event also in case of overlapped hands.  Absolute precisely manufactured in Switzerland, these hands allow us a clear differentiation in design. The hour hands can also be produced in your desired colour.


Besides others the function of the Analog Reminder can be adjusted by the central reminder disc. By modifying the movement the crown becomes the operating element. Pulled in the first position, the optional date (clockwise) or the reminder disc (counterclockwise) is changeable. The crown engraving shows the correct rotation position.




Laser the dial.

The dial of the Analog Reminder is manufactured almost entirely by Jörg Schauer/STOWA. The basic dial is processed elaborately in two steps with a modern laser machine.

1 - The deep engraving for adding the luminous material later.

2 - The laser cutting of the free surface for the Reminder disc..

Disc cut-out.

After laser cutting is completed, a free surface, on which the luminous zone of the reminder disc will be, is turned. On a traditional old Benzinger lathe, the bronze dial is cut out with an approximately 0.20 mm depth. This zone is the space for the reminder disc (0,18 mm thick), which will later be precisely lying and turning over it.

Cover with luminous paint.

After lasering the index depressions, the laser cutting of the center hole and cutting out of the reminder zone, the basic dial is painted white. After painting, the luminous color Superluminova BGW 9 is mixed and carefully filled into the deepening by hand. Exactly finishing with the surface of the dial. Precision work.

Assembling the dial.

After filling the basic dial with luminous paint, the sandwich dial is assembled. The previously painted black cover plate of the dial (also from 0.18 mm stainless steel) is congruently mounted on the dial. This produces an exact and precisely readable graphics. Now only the dial and reminder disc need to be built on the movement.