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beautiful. good. true.

About STOWA.

Since the company's founding by Walter Storz in 1927, STOWA watch models from the Black Forest evoke worldwide fascination. The Flieger and Bauhaus watch models, which have become classics, contribute strongly to the success of the company. In 1996, multiply awarded goldsmith and watchmaker Jörg Schauer passionately takes on STOWA's watchmaking tradition, extending the companyʻs portfolio by new contemporary types of watches. The companyʻs claim beautiful. good. true. represents the STOWA philosophy. Together with his team of 20 employees, Jörg Schauer promotes the STOWA online shop, selling STOWA watches to international customers since 2005.

STOWA's Design.

Jörg Schauer from STOWA and Hartmut Esslinger − designer and founder of frog design as well as watch collector himself − work together to merge the classical STOWA designs of today with tomorrow: inventive, of high quality and aesthetics, according to Esslinger's maxim form follows emotion. The brand’s origin is testified by the collection's classics and recent developments show the future of STOWA − an ongoing beautiful, exciting and successful story for STOWA's customers.

Our Manufactory.

STOWA's competence shows itself in its own manufactory, with its watch makers, goldsmiths and individualizations by engravings. Best workmanship, high-quality movements as well as custom-made production represent STOWA's daily business. Due to highly specialized experts, a large creation of value is possible. Every process, from sketch to production to shipping will be carried out precise and with passion.

Mit Leidenschaft.

Our Goals.

Our watches are made for transferring a piece of watch culture to our customer's wrists. Perfectly designed, converted proficiently and with honest commitment, STOWA offers a service that goes far beyond the actual sale. A huge additional value appreciated by our customers worldwide is, besides the high quality of our watches, the possibility to let them maintain at STOWA still many years after the purchase. STOWA watches convey the feeling to own something beautiful, good and true.

Ihre Zufriedenheit ist uns wichtig.

Customer Satisfaction.

Our Online Store.

Our online store enables immediate and fast access to our watches and our services. In the past years, many thousands of people chose this simple and easy way to their dream watch. Reliable transport companies like FedEx and GLS deliver our products in over 80 countries, without any risk for our customers.

24 Stunden geöffnet.

Personalized Watches.

Our individualizations will make your dream watch unique worldwide. Only few manufacturers offer this service to their customers. Many of our watches, personalized by us with our clients' dedications, are linked forever to the emotional memories of their owners.

Nur für Sie gemacht.

Transparent Communication.

Our communication and corporate culture are very frank. From time to time, we organize guided factory tours for small groups. During these, we show single technical processes, like printing on dials and sanding of watch cases. Individual engravings and the work of our watch makers on assembling and repairing mechanical watches are also very popular.

Authentisch und ehrlich.

Premium Service.

Ongoing service after your purchase of a STOWA watch is one of our core competencies. If you should encounter technical difficulties or just want to experience our collections in a pleasant environment: we will always welcome you at STOWA. At our service page you will find all necessary information, like contact persons and directions. Please feel free to contact us by email, telephone or post at the STOWA board community. Our employees are looking forward to hearing from you!

Für den Werterhalt.

Promise of Quality.

Our Claim.

If you want to produce excellent watches, you have to commission the best suppliers for each single component. This also requires in-house development, production and maintenance of each STOWA watch. This is how we keep up our high quality standard for years and at any time.

Unser ausgezeichneter Flieger Chronograph.

Quality Management.

Permanent control is the basis for true quality. Before, while and after manufacturing a STOWA watch, every single component is multiply inspected. With our suppliers, we agreed on highest quality standards, which they guarantee for. Every single day, our employees care for securing our STOWA promise of quality.

Mehrfach geprüft.

Certificate & Warranty.

Every single STOWA watch is sent to you accompanied by a handwritten certificate. With this, STOWA certifies the excellent quality of your watch. Of course, there is also a 2-year warranty on every STOWA product.

Garantiert zuverlässig.

Preservation of Value.

Many STOWA watches from the past 85 years have become valuable and coveted collector's items − for instance the legendary large Flieger watch, produced since 1940, or Bauhaus watch series Antea since 1927. We recommend maintenance from time to time, if you want to wear your STOWA watch for a long time and preserve its value and functionality. Please feel free to contact us for any advice on preserving your STOWA watch, our service team is looking forward to hearing from you.

Langjähriger Service.

Black Forest.

Black Forest Manufactory.

STOWA is proud of its heritage and therefore the Black Forest. Founded in 1927 in Hornberg by Walter Storz; Jörg Schauer as well decided to built the STOWA headquarters in the Black Forest, when he chose Engelsbrand as a location in 2009. The incorporated STOWA museum uniquely reflects the company's history and furthermore provides space for a contemporary and future-oriented watch manufactory.

Das Firmengebäude wurde 2009 bezogen.

Values & Traditions.

Watchmaking has a long tradition in the Black Forest. However, it is often reduced to the worldwide famous cuckoo clocks. As a result, besides this very special clock style it has almost been forgotten that a distinctive wrist and pocket watch tradition has also been established. Jörg Schauer deliberately decided for the Black Forest as a business location, because he appreciates the silence for drawing necessary strength out of it, needful for new ideas and concepts.

Tradition trifft Moderne.


Sustainability also means excellently trained professionals. The Black Forest region provides these experts − watch makers from Pforzheim's watchmaking school as well as employees educated in one of the local jewellery manufactories. Our staff is characterized by a high standard of professional knowledge, allegiance as well as motivation.

Fachkräfte aus der Region sind gefragt.