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STOWA. Lifestyle.

"Offline is the new luxury ..."

I recently read this in an interview with the Salewa CEO, Heiner Oberrauch. How right he is!

What better way to take a timeout in the seclusion of the mountains? A break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, getting away from the digital world where we are increasingly trapped. Hardly a moment in which one is not caught up, disturbed and taken back to our duties by our digital helpers. Of course, all of this is voluntary; there still is a lot of pressure that more and more people want to escape during their precious time off.

Whether it is in the tranquility of the mountains, experiencing a refreshing breeze at a lake or during a casual get-together with your friends.

We offer the analogue timepieces that primarily emphasize your personal style and are still meticulously crafted for you in the Black Forest in Germany. With a mechanical watch from STOWA, you accentuate your own individual style and also consciously choose a sustainable quality product. Not a flashy mass-produced luxury product, but an expressive and handcrafted accessory. Our clean and timeless design will help you leave the pressures of everyday life behind you. Even if many people have the same desire for serenity, we are all different and unique.

In addition, there are continually changing life situations in which we find ourselves: at our jobs, during our free time, during sport activities and many more. In recent years and for every situation, we have developed watches in the typical clean STOWA style. Here, we present you our styles – the STOWA Lifestyles.

Boundaries may vanish, so our recommendations could still help you visualize possible moments to carry a watch; either through the design of the timepiece itself or simply through the materials of the recommended watch. Immerse yourself in the STOWA world. We would be delighted if your personal taste and our passionately crafted watches coincide.If you want to see all the picture on this side in full size and full emotion, just click on them.

What type are you?

Let yourself be inspired! We have captured a few pleasant moments that you can experience with your STOWA watch.


Start your next adventure!

The Flieger watch manufactured in the past mainly for pilots changed in the meantime to a modern watch for adventurers.

Most of us do not fly themselves but the design details of a Flieger watch are very helpful for our great and little adventures. With a STOWA Flieger watch you wear anytime a robust, but highly legible and extremely reliable watch. The purity of the design and the Vintage look fit very well to a casual and functional clothing. Start your next adventure!


Everyday companion.

For more noble occasions the classically elegant Marine watches suit very well. With high-quality components as for example the solid silver dials and the blued hands, which create a special high-quality value. Despite the precious components these watches are an ideal everyday companion.


Enjoy perfection and pureness.

Bauhaus(-design), architecture, design watches are keywords, which are mentioned in connection with these models. Primarily these simple and reduced watches are beautiful to look and highly legible. The reduced design was in line with the context of a creative revolution, which had a lasting effect on the design itself (Staatliches Bauhaus, 1919), and makes it furthermore authentic and interesting. Design lovers find in the column Antea more historical facts to the look of these STOWA classics, which we have been building since 1937. Or just enjoy simply the perfection and pureness of the design! ;-)

Relax. Enjoy

Just try and combine.

The STOWA Chronographs 1938 go with several looks. Relaxed and casual in the leisure time or more elegant for everyday business. The high-quality dials in black or cream can be combined with many outfits. Just try it!


Colourful and cool.

The robust STOWA leisure- and sports watches. The model Prodiver as extremely robust but still light sports watch (titan case), and matching to it the colorful Antea watches – for men and women (in 3 various sizes). Be courageous and let yourself be inspired by the colours. These watches complete your casual leisure outfit and will reliably serve you during all sport activities.

Sport. Function.

Modern and functional.

Our Sportwatches are very popular and the last years we got many awards for them. The people like the unique design, the possibility to have something with a color spot and of course this watches are very strong and robust. The Seatime is 300 meter waterproof, the Prodiver 1000 meter. If you do any kind of sport and if you are looking for a Tool Watch: The STOWA Sportwatches follow all your sports and adventures without problems and with a lot of reserve!

With our functional watches in titanium cases it is - for example - possible to have a view on a second time zone. So you always know the time in your home country if you are on a business trip or on holiday. Phone calls with the family or business meetings can thus be coordinated perfectly. Our modern Flieger watches like the TESTAF are officially certificated in Germany and this guarantees best quality! Picture: Flieger GMT with date display and a second time zone. Titanium case. Hands in the colours orange, red, green and blue.