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Februar 2015



Raffle of a STOWA Flieger GMT World Time


We thank all who supported us by voting for the election of the Goldene Unruh 2015.


The winner of the raffle is


D. Casanova from Chile




STOWA Advent Calendar


Also this year the STOWA team has collected some fancy and interesting articles for the STOWA Advent Calendar.


These limited actions will be available every day from December 1 to December 24.


Like last year we have spread the starting times over the 24 time zones so that all our customers worldwide have the option to order the offers at the right time.


Since there are partially individual items or only very small positions we wish you already today good luck.



Your STOWA team









November 2014


Dear STOWA fans,

we thank you that you have supported us during the onlinevoting within the Munichtime.

Because of your numerous votes, we could win with our model "Flieger GMT Worldtime“.

Already in summer the model "Prodiver Orange" was chosen as diverwatch of the year (in the category up to EUR 2.000,-), we also want to thank you for this.

This shows the worldwide acceptance of our emotional built watches and strengthens us to offer furthermore only best design and quality for fair prices!

The winner of the STOWA Flieger GMT Worldtime (value EUR 1.750,--) which we drew on Friday, November 7, 2014  is: Mr. B. Donlon, Ireland :-)

We wish Mr. Donlon that he enjoys his new watch!

Your STOWA Team



June 2014


Hi there, 


after a longer period in which the prices for a lot of our models remained unchanged we have now - though it is difficult for us - to react to the changed . Mainly the purchase of movements is getting more and more expensive (but of course this stands also for the complete list of components). 


Partially we deliver our watches with the movements we could buy at a cheaper price. 

The new deliveries of movements (at highly increased prices) have to be considered now in two steps: 

Therefore the price increase for the following models is done in two steps: 


As from June 18, 2014 and from November 1, 2014 we will change the price for the models listed below as follows: 


ANTEA KS - to EUR 695,- net from June 18, 2014 (from November 1st to EUR 730,- net)


Marine Original - to EUR 880,- net from June 18, 2014 (from November 1st to EUR 980,- net)

(good news - by optimising the case production we no more have to charge an additional price for the matt case!)


Seatime - to EUR 780,- net from June 18, 2014 (from November 1 to EUR 880,- net)

Unfortunately besides the problems with the movements also the prices for case and crystals which will 

be increased in the near future are concerned). 


Prodiver - to EUR 980,- net from June 18, 2014

(from November 1st up to EUR 980,- , unfortunately we have the same situation here as with the Seatime, so also the prices

for the cases and crystals will be increased in the near future). 


Flieger Unitas 6498 to EUR 880,- net from June 18, 2014 (from November 1 up to EUR 980,- EUR net)


Antea KS 41 to EUR 880,- net from June 18, 2014

(no further increase in 2014!).


Supplement dated October 15, 2014

Partitio automatic and handwinding to EUR 690,- net from now on

(no further increase in 2014!)


The following models are excluded from the price increase for 2014:


Flieger no Logo automatic 

Flieger no Logo with date automatic 

Flieger Logo automatic 

Flieger with Logo and date automatic 

Flieger Baumuster "B"


Flieger Chronograph 


Antea 365

Antea 390

Antea KS 41


Chrono 1938 white

Chrono 1938 black 




Flieger GMT


Also in future we want to build our watches with the best components. We could look for a cheaper supplier but already since 1927 

STOWA stands for best quality and best design as well as a customer friendly service. This is also in future our aim!

Therefore also in future we want to adhere to the  well-known and proven suppliers of the market to make sure that we can deliver our

watches with the consistent quality!




April 2014


Flieger Black Forest Edition 1


We are pleased that we can show you today some pictures of incoming material for the limited edition. Cases, crowns, buckles and hands are now in stock.


bye for now!


Your STOWA Team














December 2013

TESTAF wins japanese "Grand Prix" watch award!




October 2013


TESTAF successfully passed certification!


We are pleased that we have received in the last days the TESTAF certification of the FH Aachen for our model "FLIEGER TESTAF TO1".


Our watch passed the extensive tests right away. 


Especially the vibration and shock test caused us quite a headache while developing this watch but some of the constructive details have been used within the last 20 years from time to time for other models. 

Now we have built this watch with all our knowledge and can rightly say: 

"We have built the best STOWA Flieger watch that ever existed". 

Have again a look of this watch in our onlineshop. 


See you soon 


Your STOWA Team 



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