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STOWA´s philosophy and common theme


We want to offer watches of highest quality, which are affordable for everybody and give a great pleasure to their owner.

A STOWA watch should answer the purpose of displaying the time the most easiest and fastest way.

This particular philosophy we achieve by clear and sober designs.

A nice side effect of this form language is the emotional feeling of quality at a touch, which makes our watches interesting for you.

Our collection is not designed to compete with itself. It is created to offer different watches for different occasions.

We are always optimizing our direct sales strategy for the good of our customers and in order to realize best prices at any time. 

The entire STOWA staff is constantly keeping in mind, that our customers are base for our running business model.

Please do not hesitate to communicate advices or even criticism person ally to our staff. We are definitely going to give it a serious consideration! 


Jörg Schauer

designer, producer and CEO of STOWA


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